Woo stands for winning others over. I enjoy the challenge of meeting new people. I want to learn names and ask others a lot of questions. I am rarely a loss for words. I derive satisfaction from breaking the ice. In my world, there are no strangers, just friends I have not met yet - lots of them.

Woo is very present in my day to day life. Often times I become distracted while having conversations with others. Understanding that I have Woo, I am able to recognize when I need to focus in on certain tasks. I have the attitude of a busy bumble bee that just wants to meet every one in the same room that I am in. However, I have learned that quality over quantity is important when it comes to Woo. Though this strength sounds somewhat of a challenge, I have it because I am an exemplar at meeting new people and making connections. I receive great satisfaction from initiating conversations. This strength has made my relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and teachers very fun. I often times am volunteered by others to do the talking in certain situations, or introduce them to others. By maximizing my Woo strength, I have been able to make many connections with friends.