I look for areas of agreement. When people around me hold differing views, I try to find the common ground. When others start to argue, I stay clear of debate and confrontation. I look for consensus and support in others. I believe that we are all in the same boat, and we need this boat to get to where we are going. There is no need to rock it just to show that you can.

Harmony has been a great strength to add to organizations while in college. With groups of people and organizations, conflict tends to occur from time to time. It has been my role in certain situations to mend disconnections by finding common ground. I have used this strength in my sorority to connect dots between communication barriers amongst two friends. I have noticed that I do not particularly enjoy politics because of the constant disagreements between the two sides. I do not like voicing my own opinion sometimes because I am afraid of contrasting views. It has been great to know that I have this strength, because when I do feel called to voice my opinion, I am able to understand why I feel uncomfortable. This feeling has already improved because of this understanding.