My name is Mindy. I was born in Mankato, MN. I have lived in Bemidji, MN, Omaha, NE, and Sartell, MN. I have been living in Fargo, ND for three and a half years. I am open to relocation to many areas around the country. I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone and in to new boundaries filled new opportunities.

I have developed a philosophy to try new things. Learning from past experiences such as working as a camp counselor for two summers and joining new student organizations each year while attending North Dakota State University, I have a had a lot to gain.

Throughout my life I have done some traveling to new states and new countries. My most recent trip was with the Legacy Group from the College of Business to New York City where I was able to learn about a new culture in the busy professional life of those in the Big Apple. I have also traveled to Italy where I was fortunate to travel all around the Southern tip visiting seven cities and seeing famous landmarks such as the Vatican and Coliseum. Traveling has always been a joy to me and I want to continue visiting more parts of the world and meeting new people.

Throughout my life journey I have grown to love leadership and work on my personal growth. I will always be a learner and ask as many questions as I can. With a craving to help others develop their strengths and instill importance of well-being, I have chosen to earn a degree in Human Resources. I believe in this field, I will have the opportunity to work with others and place them in careers that will help maximize their strengths.

Through passion and perseverance, I am positively making progress towards my goals every day.